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The Return of the Zombie King

“Happy Easter!” Aaron announced excitedly as he passed Holly a chocolate rabbit wrapped in gold foil. Holly’s beautiful face lit up and her checks blushed.  “Aaron!  You didn’t have to do this…” “I know and I almost didn’t,” he replied.  … Continue reading

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Don’t Ruin The Fairy Tale

Aaron and Holly sat on benches on opposite side of the path that ran along the river.  They both wore masks, and they each had their beverage of choice handy. It was Easter Sunday, so it was quieter than normal … Continue reading

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Why Not Make It A Great Friday?

Happy Good Friday, Modern Philosophers! Growing up Catholic, this was a day that always confused me.  Even back then, dressed in my Catholic school boy uniform, I was still metaphorically wearing the toga of the Modern Philosopher. The thing was, … Continue reading

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What’s The Deal With The Easter Bunny?

Easter is tomorrow, Modern Philosophers, and the holiday has brought up some burning questions that have always gnawed at me.  Since I have an unusual amount of time on my hands due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I decided to … Continue reading

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Not So Good Friday

I know the calendar says that today is Good Friday, Modern Philosophers, but I think someone is playing a cruel joke on me. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a huge April blizzard was bearing down on The House on … Continue reading

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Stay At Home Easter Egg Hunts Will Sharpen Your Memory

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but things are getting a little foggy up in my brainy gray matter. I blame it on the severe isolation brought about by the governor’s stay at home order, which has made all … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Assures Us That It’s Business As Usual

In a world where everything is changing, events are being canceled, and we are unsure when we will ever be allowed to gather to socialize again, it is nice to know that one important event is going ahead as scheduled, … Continue reading

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An Easter Egg On Easter

Happy Easter, Modern Philosophers! I know the writing of my TV series has caused me to neglect the blog, but that doesn’t mean you guys aren’t on my mind. I think of you every time I put on a toga, … Continue reading

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Here Comes Satan Cottontail

“Happy Easter!” The Devil declared excitedly as he entered the living room carrying the largest Easter basket I had ever seen. After he’d placed the behemoth gift on the table, I was finally able to catch a glimpse of my … Continue reading

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It’s My Run-iversary!

The Easter Bunny brought me a very special gift this year, Modern Philosophers. Not only is today both Easter and April Fool’s Day, but it is also my Run-iversary.  One year ago today, I got my lazy ass up off … Continue reading

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