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Save Money By Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, Modern Philosophers, and rather than writing another Dating Tips post, I thought I’d talk economics. With the stock market recently doing a swan dive, and Republican lawmakers looking to change the tax code so that … Continue reading

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IRS: Cut The $@#&, We Know You Cheated On Your Taxes!

You’re busted, Modern Philosophers. That incessant pounding on your front door is probably agents of the IRS coming to have a little chat about this year’s tax return. You did remember to file your taxes, right?  It is April 15. … Continue reading

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Analysts Baffled By Maine’s Egg And Toilet Paper Shortage

Apparently, Maine has caught the attention of economists and market analysts, Modern Philosophers. According to a report released on ConsumerMarketWatch.com, several of the big brain, number crunching, what’s going on with the economy types are befuddled by the current shortage … Continue reading

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Maine Becomes First State To Pass Minimum Weekly Allowance Law

Kids all over Maine celebrated today after Governor Paul LePage signed into law the new Minimum Weekly Allowance Act.  This piece of legislature calls for harsh punishment for any guardian who disobeys the law, ensures that children will always have … Continue reading

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