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Trump: Santa’s Elves Stealing American Jobs

I think there’s an excellent chance that President Elect Trump was the Grinch or Ebeneezer Scrooge in a previous life, Modern Philosophers. I say this because today, Trump spoke out against a minority that had, to this point, escaped his … Continue reading

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President Obama To Sign Maximum Wage Bill Into Law

Frustrated with the debate over raising the Minimum Wage, President Obama surprised the nation by announcing that he was about to sign a bill to set a Maximum Wage. “I’m tired of all the fighting over the Minimum Wage,” he … Continue reading

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Due To Budget Cuts, Genies Can Now Grant Only Two Wishes

The Worldwide Association of Genies (WAG) announced today that due to budget cuts, any Genie released from a lamp would only be allowed to grant two wishes. “While it has been a longstanding tradition for our members to grant three … Continue reading

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