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You Should Never Reject Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Sunday, Modern Philosophers! As you enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers, I’m going to share some monologue jokes leftover from last night’s airing of The Nite Show With Danny Cashman. This was the taping attended by The Sweet Irish Girl, so … Continue reading

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Trump To Criminalize All Pre-December Christmas Decorations

Donald Trump made a bold Election Day move, Modern Philosophers, in his bid to regain the title of Republican Front Runner in the 2016 Presidential Election. Speaking to a throng of enthusiastic supporters in front of Trump Tower, The Donald … Continue reading

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Mayor McCheese To Do French Reality TV Series After Election Day Heartbreak

The day after President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address, my favorite politician stopped by The House on the Hill to deliver his State of the McCheese. I hadn’t seen my good friend Mayor McCheese, Modern Philosophers, since … Continue reading

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Zeus Admits To Lightning Strikes After Unexpected Election Results

Gods usually avoid politics, Modern Philosophers, and for good reason. Yesterday, I sat down with Zeus, the Father of the Greek Gods and Campaign Manager for Mayor McCheese, to discuss the recent Maine Gubernatorial Election. Zeus’ candidate, despite having a … Continue reading

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I Advise You That I’m Not Lovin’ It

Dear Modern Philosopher, I am a fellow Mainer, who was inspired by your blog to be one of the first people in line at my polling place on Election Day. I was ready for change.  It was time to get … Continue reading

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Pope Declares Governor LePage’s Victory A Modern Miracle

Pope Francis today declared Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Election Day victory to be a modern miracle. “I don’t throw around the term ‘miracle’ lightly, Austin,” The Holy Father explained to this Modern Philosopher via Skype.  “However, I can find no … Continue reading

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Democracy Rocks! Photos And Deep Thoughts On Election Day

Happy Election Day, Modern Philosophers! I thought I’d try something different tonight, and do a photo essay on my trip to exercise my right to vote. Do you elect to join me?  ___ YES  ___ NO This first photo is … Continue reading

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Election Eve Excitement: We Wish You A Merry Democracy

I love Election Day Eve, Modern Philosophers!  I thought I’d rewrite an old post from the early days of the blog, and share it with you to celebrate! I’ve got a roaring fire going in the hearth, fueled by the … Continue reading

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Mayor McCheese Costumes Hottest Sellers In Maine As Election Day Approaches

With both Halloween and Election Day on the horizon, Modern Philosophers, could Mainers be showing their political preferences with their Halloween costumes? According to figures supplied by the All Hallows Society, which oversees all aspects of Maine’s Halloween Season, sales … Continue reading

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Nap Debate Might Be Swing Issue In Maine Gubernatorial Election

The calendar turns to October tomorrow, Modern Philosophers, which means that Election Day is a lot closer than we realize. The Maine Gubernatorial Race has given us some very entertaining headlines, and spirited back and forth between the two main … Continue reading

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