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Take Me To A Better Place

Most of us dream of a better place, Modern Philosophers.  That Shangri-La or Nirvana that we want to believe is truly out there because there has to be something better than the place we currently are. It’s just human nature. … Continue reading

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And He Will Raise You Up On Gargoyle’s Wings

Have you ever had this overwhelming urge to fly, Modern Philosophers?  A desire to no longer have to play by gravity’s rules?  An inkling that filled your head in the afternoon, and simply wouldn’t leave? That was my story today … Continue reading

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Go Left

Today Was a Perfect day To go left With you. The sun Was shining, The world Was chaotic, And all I wanted Was to Run away With you. If you Were still here, Just down The hall, Suffering through Your … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Let’s Run Away Edition

Modern Philosophers, is it really Friday night?  Did I somehow manage to survive the week?  If so, it’s a miracle. I don’t want to taint the Think Tank with bad vibes, so let me tell my story quickly before we … Continue reading

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