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Putting The (Liver)Wurst Behind Me

It is a well known part of my backstory, Modern Philosopher, that I suffer from abandonment issues. I have been told that this problem finds its root in my mother’s dying when I was three.  I have no memory of … Continue reading

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Solitude

Whenever it rains, I think of something my stepmother liked to say during similar weather conditions, Modern Philosophers. We’d be in the car, and from her throne aka the passenger seat, she would pass judgment on the world outside her … Continue reading

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A Man Of Very Few Hats

Have I ever mentioned that I hate change, Modern Philosophers? That was a joke, of course.  I loathe change.  I fear it.  I hide from it in my basement bunker. My stepmother also raised me to be frugal.  She never … Continue reading

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One Night In Paris

I have often discussed my dreams on this blog, Modern Philosophers. They are sometimes confusing, often disturbing, and usually quite memorable.  The thing is, though, they rarely make any sense.  Last night, I had a vivid dream, that stuck with … Continue reading

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Where Are The Christmas Cookies?

I don’t miss being married, Modern Philosophers, but every year at Christmas, I’m reminded of something important I miss from my marriage… My mother-in-law’s Christmas cookies. Just thinking about them as I write this, more than fifteen years after my … Continue reading

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A Pearl Harbor Reflection

The attack on Pearl Harbor happened way before my time, Modern Philosophers, but I often reflect on how it might have affected my father’s life. He was a couple of months shy of turning 16 when the attack occurred.  I’ve … Continue reading

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A Time Machine For Mom

I have a peculiar Mother’s Day tradition, Modern Philosophers. I like to spend the day in the garage working on my time machine.  I’ve been building it for years, and not making much progress, but I always set aside time … Continue reading

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Rewriting The Dream

I decided to eat breakfast out on the porch this morning, Modern Philosophers. It was a perfect summer morning.  Clear blue sky.  Gentle breeze.  So quiet that the only other sound was that of birds singing.  It doesn’t get much … Continue reading

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Hey, Dad!

Hey, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day.  I can’t believe it’s been thirty years since you left us, but I can still feel your influence on my life every day. I’m sure you’re having a great time behind the Pearly Gates.  You … Continue reading

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And Then I Ate My Weight In Turkey…

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! This has always been a complicated holiday for me.  It is linked to so many memories, both good and bad, usually associated with past relationships. As a result, I tend to be moody on Turkey Day.  … Continue reading

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