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Free Your Face And Your Legs Will Follow

Today was a very important day in Maine, Modern Philosophers. June 5 will go down as the day that I officially switched over to shorts for my morning run.  This is a huge step that those of you who are … Continue reading

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A Man Of Very Few Hats

Have I ever mentioned that I hate change, Modern Philosophers? That was a joke, of course.  I loathe change.  I fear it.  I hide from it in my basement bunker. My stepmother also raised me to be frugal.  She never … Continue reading

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Monsters Love Hawaiian Shirts

Every once in a while, Modern Philosophers, I think it helps to time travel back to my childhood so you better understand how a lonely, nerdy kid with an overactive imagination grew up to be me. Today, we journey back … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Seen My Formal Sweatpants?

I know someone, Modern Philosophers, who once explained to me that he always wears a suit to work because he dresses for the job he wants. Apparently, I really want to be a writer (or maybe an eccentric recluse), because … Continue reading

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Formal Friday Will Return Order To The Chaos

If clothes truly do make the man, Modern Philosophers, then I’m afraid to find out exactly what I’ve created here during this extended period of isolation. The governor’s stay at home order has turned me into something the fashionistas might … Continue reading

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No Suits For You!

A friend recently asked if I had a suit for an upcoming function, Modern Philosophers. First off, I told her, I don’t do functions. I’m a devout Introvert, and I take the Commandments quite seriously… Thou shalt not go out … Continue reading

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The Mullet Shirt

I’m often asked how my mind works, Modern Philosophers, and that’s not an easy question to answer. Basically, it’s non-stop circus music providing a soundtrack for dozens of voices shouting story ideas at me. And since each voice believes its … Continue reading

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Do They Know They’re Christmas Ties At All?

I might not put up a Christmas tree, exchange gifts, decorate The House on the Hill, go to any holiday parties, or bring anyone some figgy pudding, but there is one Christmas tradition I hold sacred, Modern Philosophers… The Festival … Continue reading

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The Ugly Sweater That Wasn’t Ugly

Once upon a time, in a seldom used closet at The House on the Hill, hung an ugly Christmas sweater. Purchased at The Gap by The Girl Who Moved Away, the most unique thing about this ugly sweater was that … Continue reading

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Friends Can Make It A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my all-time favorite movies, Modern Philosophers. The first time I ever saw it was during Film class in high school.  Yes, my super special nerd high school came complete with a Film class, … Continue reading

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