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The Vanishing Corpse, Part 8

Corny Star Wars jokes aside, Captain Hamel did seem to have a sixth sense for knowing whenever Detective Bruno was near. “Bruno!  And bring the rookie!” he bellowed from his office the second Bruno stepped into the squad room, even … Continue reading

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The Dame With The Stems That Went On For Days

She could tell a lie way better than I could ever spit out the truth. That’s why I always wanted her near me. They tell ya to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, but when I was just … Continue reading

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Sam Spade And The Case Of The Millennium Falcon

Since Disney announced it planned to make spinoff films from the Star Wars galaxy, I thought I’d submit my idea to the Mouse House and see what they had to say… “It was long time ago, in a galaxy far, … Continue reading

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Sam Spade & The Case of the Missing Blog Followers

I was at my desk, reading through a file, not a care in the world, but I could sense that something wasn’t quite right.  My gut was never wrong, and because of it, this Modern Philosopher had survived long enough … Continue reading

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