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Snowy Sundays Are Hell

“I see from the paraphernalia in the foyer that you’ve been engaging in your favorite winter activity again,” The Devil taunted with a sly grin when he entered the living room. As always he was sharply dressed in an impeccably … Continue reading

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182 Days of Terror!

Day 53 — After more than seven weeks of purely psychological torment, the horror finally became real!  Woke up to white on the grass, cars, and some of the sidewalk.  It was snowing lightly when I went on my morning … Continue reading

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I Am Not Thankful For The First Snow!

As Thanksgiving approaches, Modern Philosophers, I try to get into the proper mindset by forming Deep Thoughts on that for which I am thankful. Clearly, I am thankful that Love has found its way back to The House on the … Continue reading

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The First Snow: An Angry Blogger And His Roof Rake

It’s November 2, and yet it’s snowing like it’s the middle of February, Modern Philosophers! Clearly, something happened during the Time Traveling portion of the evening when we set back the clocks and relived the hour between 1AM and 2AM.  … Continue reading

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The Diary Of A Young Snowflake

I can’t believe I’m writing this!  If I’m aware it means I am alive and that can mean only one thing…I’m going to fall to earth today! This is all so new to me, and yet, I feel like I’ve … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Stay Away From The Windows

Dear Modern Philosopher, It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I don’t feel fine at all! Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but allow me to explain.  When I awoke this morning, after last night’s hour of time … Continue reading

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Snow Miser Gives Maine A Sampling Of His Winter Menu

An evil came to Maine today, Modern Philosophers, and I can still feel the chill of its horrible presence dancing up and down my spine. The Four Snowmen of the Apocalypse visited us today, and this time, they were under … Continue reading

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