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Enjoy Your Discount Chocolate

It’s February 15th, Modern Philosophers, so I suggest you scramble off to the local grocery store to pick up leftover Valentine’s Day candy at severely discounted prices. Please buy this candy for your own enjoyment.  If you’re buying it for … Continue reading

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A New Grip On Reality

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed the vanishing act I pulled on Tuesday morning, Modern Philosophers. I wrote a post Monday night about receiving my second Coronavirus vaccination.  Then I deleted it about twelve hours later. I wanted … Continue reading

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Flirting With Perfection

Anyone who knows me very well, (and I must admit I’ve worked very hard to make sure there are very few people who can make that claim, Modern Philosophers), knows that I have an issue with the concept of perfection. … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need To Run

It has been a considerable while since I last suffered through a long, dark teatime of the soul, Modern Philosophers. I’m not sure what changes I made in my life to fend off the dark clouds, but I knew that … Continue reading

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Peer Pressuring My Inner Couch Potato

The goddess Nike is famous for uttering the line “Just do it!” when she created running shoes and bestowed them upon mankind for the first time, Modern Philosophers. Believe it or not, even though those immortal words play on a … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Be Invincible, Too?

I’m beginning to wish that I could be invincible, too, Modern Philosophers. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for why people refuse to wear masks during a pandemic is … Continue reading

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A Madman Running Into A Storm

Anyone who knows me either in real life, or via my loquacious online persona, knows I am an introvert, who hates change and making any sort of major decisions, but truly loves running in the rain. As a result, today … Continue reading

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It’s Harder To Hit A Moving Target

One of the best things about going back to my regular job, Modern Philosophers, other than hanging that Mandalorian sign on my office door, has been getting to see old friends again after almost three months. The other day, I … Continue reading

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Running Is The New (Human) Dodgeball

I’ve been going through the blog’s online mailbag this week, Modern Philosophers, since the interns aren’t allowed at The House on the Hill in compliance with the governor’s stay at home order. Not that they ever paid much attention to … Continue reading

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Sunshine Does Not Negate Social Distancing!

I’m a bit pissed off at my fellow man right now, Modern Philosophers. Don’t worry.  I’m probably not angry at any of you.  Unless, of course, you were out on the river walk this morning during my run. As I’ve … Continue reading

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