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Why Won’t Sweat Kill Germs?

I’ve never been an ace at Science, Modern Philosophers.  That’s why you’ll see me in a toga, but never in a lab coat. Because of this shortcoming, I am forced to keep a team of scientists on retainer to help … Continue reading

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Devil In A Hazmat Suit

The Devil served me lunch on a shiny silver tray that he must have brought from Hell because I had never before seen the object at The House on the Hill. “Lunch is served,” he announced in a muffled, but … Continue reading

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I Slept Past 10AM: Now I’m Doomed!

The plan for this morning, Modern Philosophers, was to get up early and go for a run. And I was serious about the running thing. I had my running clothes ready to go. I’d even bought a scale yesterday. You … Continue reading

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My Girlfriend Is Always Right

I’ve come up with a new relationship status for Facebook, Modern Philosophers: My girlfriend is always right. The next time I see Mark Zuckerberg, I will definitely run this one past him. It’s a relationship status that I would add … Continue reading

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Your Insurance Will Cover A Witch Doctor, But Not Witchcraft

I’m a big baby when I’m sick, Modern Philosophers. I think that The Girl Who Went Off To Be A Doctor probably knew that she was meant to be in the medical field after having to take care of this … Continue reading

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Modern Philosopher Flu Ravaged Phortune Cookies

“Feed a cold, starve a fever, and time travel through the flu!” — The Modern Philosopher Curled Up On The Couch I’m not a doctor, but I’m sure my good friend Doc Brown would agree that time travel is the … Continue reading

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Flu Bug Bites Blogger, Wound Gets Infected

Apparently, the flu bug that has made itself at home at my place of work has finally bitten me, Modern Philosophers. I’m not one to miss work, so the fact that I left work today because I was too sick … Continue reading

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I Am Sick Without You…

I am sick Without you Here To take care Of me. I languish All alone On the couch, Choking down Soup While I Watch TV. I miss The way You’d play With my hair, Rub my tummy, And lecture me … Continue reading

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Jump Start Your Brain: The Oscars!

Good morning, Modern Philosophers… I have to warn you that I woke up feeling very sick, but I am wearing a mask in hopes of keeping my germs off of the blog.  Of course, it is a Jack Skellington mask, … Continue reading

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Too Sick To Write…Who’s Got A Cure?

I’m too sick to write a post tonight, Modern Philosophers.  That guy in the photo on the left looks a thousand times better than how I feel. It started as just a tickle in my throat this morning, but all … Continue reading

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