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Americans Eager To Celebrate Their Independence…From Trump

As Independence Day quickly approaches, Modern Philosophers, a new poll reveals that Americans are more eager than ever to celebrate their freedom. But we’re not talking about independence from Merry Ole England… According to a phone poll conducted by the … Continue reading

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Gimme That Free Ice Cream!

One of the best things, if not the greatest thing, about being a kid, Modern Philosophers, is all the free stuff. There are no bills to pay and no family to support, which means there is no need for a … Continue reading

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Out In The Rain

When I Was but a wee   Modern Philosopher, My stepmother Had a saying: “Too dumb To come in Out of the rain!” This morning, I went For a run In the rain. Guess what? I didn’t Feel stupid At … Continue reading

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Declaration Of Independence Never Notarized; America Reverts To British Rule

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
A British court today ruled that The Declaration of Independence was never properly notarized, meaning that America never legally declared its independence from England. As a result, on the eve of…

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