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Machetes & Werewolves

It’s Friday the 13th and there’s a full moon, Modern Philosophers.  That means Maine’s Werewolves are running wild on the very day that Jason Voorhees is loose on yet another killing spree. While there hasn’t been a new Friday the … Continue reading

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Jason Voorhees Endorses Donald Trump

On a beautiful Friday the 13th, at a press conference held at scenic Camp Crystal Lake, seemingly immortal serial killer, movie star, and goalie mask enthusiast Jason Voorhees endorsed Donald Trump for President. “I believe that Mr. Trump can make … Continue reading

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When Cupid Met Jason…

They sat across from each other at a table in the middle of the crowded truck stop diner.  Although worn out from their journey, they were both starving. “I had no idea the drive from Chicago to New York would … Continue reading

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Our Love At Camp Crystal Lake

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
I will never forget The day we met Camp Crystal Lake, The Summer of Love. I didn’t know it At the time, But my life Would change Forever. Young love, First…

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Friday the 13th Prequel, Thursday the 12th, To Focus On Wacky Camp Hijinks

Just as the Summer Movie Season is about the kick into high gear, upstart studio Reboot Pictures has announced that it has given the green light to its first project. The company has purchased the prequel rights to the popular … Continue reading

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Skyrocketing Machete And Old School Goalie Mask Sales Boost June Economy

At Voorhees Sporting Goods in Portland, they can’t keep machetes or old school goaltender’s masks on the shelves. “It’s unbelievable,” Dale Voorhees, the store’s long time owner, told this Modern Philosopher.  “I know the Stanley Cup Finals are still going … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th: Jason Takes The North Pole

Happy Friday the 13th, Modern Philosophers! The Calendar Commission, having received multiple complaints about such a creepy day falling so close to the merriest day on the calendar, issued the following statement: “While the Calendar Commission is all powerful and … Continue reading

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Three Chairs On A Porch: Two Survivors & An Exile

Welcome back to the front porch of The House on the Hill for another special Halloween Week Edition of “Three Chairs on a Porch”. As always, I am joined by two guests with a vague connection, who get to ask … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Facing Fears Edition

Happy Friday the 13th, Modern Philosophers!  Let’s hurry out to The Think Tank before Jason picks us off one by one.  There’s safety in numbers, and I’ve got a machete stashed in my toga. Since this day reminds me of … Continue reading

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Win A Camping Weekend With Jason Voorhees!

Happy Friday the 13th, Modern Philosophers! As you know, I write movies in my spare time, with thrillers and horrors stories being my specialty.   I grew up loving the horror classics: Halloween, The Fog, A Nightmare On Elm Street, … Continue reading

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