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The Windblown Ice Balls of Bitter Change

The subtitle for this post, Modern Philosophers, is: Holy $%^&, It’s Cold! Maine doesn’t really mess around much with Autumn.  Summer slowly dies off, the leaves change color, and the air gets chilly enough to force you to wear a … Continue reading

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@#$% It’s Cold!

@#$% it’s cold! It’s almost Christmas, So in honor Of the holiday, Everything Should be red and green, But my fingers And lips Are frostbite blue. If I hear the words “Polar Vortex” Escape from your Frozen lips, I will … Continue reading

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Frigidaire Wants To Sell Maine As World’s Largest Ice Box

The good people of the great state of Maine had a rude awakening this morning.  Not only did they wake up to discover that the temperature was 2 degrees below zero, but they also learned that their embattled Governor was … Continue reading

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Mercury Poisoning: Thermometers Refuse to Budge as Maine Returns to Ice Age

Talks between the People of Maine and the Thermometer Union broke down earlier today after the Mercury again refused to budge from its position well below freezing.  Neither side would discuss the negotiations on the record, but I was outside … Continue reading

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Blogger Declares Maine the Coldest Place on Earth; No One Disputes Claim

Now that the Holiday warmth and love has left Maine, the state has officially become the coldest place on Earth.  I am declaring this in my blog, Modern Philosophers, so it must be true!  Check out the photo to the … Continue reading

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