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Jump Start Your Brain: Future Past

Happy Saturday, Modern Philosophers. I am up early on a rainy morning, lost in my Deep Thoughts about last night’s Think Tank topic.  If you haven’t read that post, I urge you to go back and participate as the grant … Continue reading

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Manufacturer Issues Recall On Crystal Balls That Only See Into The Past

Blosto’s Magic Balls, the Iowa based company that is the United States’ third largest manufacturer of crystal balls, today issued a recall of its “Psychic Second Sight” line. According to a Blosto’s spokesperson, the balls weren’t as magical as they … Continue reading

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Little White Dress

There is a Little white dress That waits in the Closet of my heart. It is the Most beautiful dress I have ever seen, And it just happens To be your size. You know how I feel about The white … Continue reading

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Hey, Doc, Have You Got The Time?

Hey, Doc, Have you got the time To help a guy in need? I cannot see the future Because I’m dwelling In the past. My insurance says You’re out of network But who can put a price On peace of … Continue reading

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Man Running From His Past, Catches Up With His Future; Chaos Ensues

Today, Modern Philosophers, Maine experienced an event that seemed ripped from the pages of a Michael Crichton novel that had been rewritten by Stephen King. Police officers, Firefighters, EMTs, HAZMAT teams, Theoretical Physicists, Alien Scientists, and my good friend Doc … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Dead End Edition

Welcome to The Friday Night Think Tank, Modern Philosophers! For our weekly philosophical gathering, I thought we’d change things up a little and wade down into the deeper end of the pool.  It’s been a weird week, so my mind … Continue reading

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