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Gambling On The Garbage Man

I’ve never been one to gamble, Modern Philosophers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because the biggest risk I’ve ever taken is drinking milk a day after the expiration date on the carton. That incident led to my being hospitalized … Continue reading

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The Devil Will Take That Bet

“Care to make the game a little interesting?” The Devil asked as he scooped some of my homemade Buffalo Chicken Dip onto his chip. I watched him bring the chip to his mouth and then deposit it without getting a … Continue reading

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Vegas Betting Against Your Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Vegas, Modern Philosophers, Vegas! No, I didn’t go to Las Vegas for this story, but I wanted to do so.  It’s a frigid 14 degrees in Maine, and I know the odds favor that it is much warmer out in … Continue reading

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