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The Thoughtlessness Of Grass

A friend asked what I was doing this weekend, Modern Philosophers, and I rambled off a few random, but relaxing things. Then I added that since the grass refuses to stop growing, I really should mow the lawn. That got … Continue reading

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Flowers Remind Humans: We Need Water, Too!

Tonight, I won my first battle of the Spring with the lawnmower, and finally mowed the Great Lawn of The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers. It was an epic undertaking, especially since the lawnmower did not want to start … Continue reading

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My Grass Is Never Greener Because Of Demon Urine & Zombie Innards

Spring is definitely here, Modern Philosophers.  How do I know?  The front lawn of The House on the Hill is lush and green and needs to be mowed (a major undertaking of the high calorie burning variety)…except for the huge … Continue reading

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