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Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping On Global Warming?

Where the hell is this global warming I’m always hearing about, Modern Philosophers? Please don’t start sending hate mail to the blog.  I’m not wishing for anything bad to happen to the environment. I’m just tired of the Arctic temperatures … Continue reading

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Trump Hires Snow Miser To Quell Global Warming Talk

While temperatures skyrocketed into the 90s during the last week of September, Republicans panicked as renewed talk of Global Warming spread across the country faster than sweat across a hairy, fat man’s back during a heat wave, Modern Philosophers. Desperate … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Walk (That Never Happened)

There’s something in the Maine air lately, Modern Philosophers, that’s turned me into an insomniac with a glandular problem. The Republicans can scream at the top of their lungs that Global Warming isn’t a thing, but when I’m sweating my … Continue reading

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The Heat Is On…And Not In An Axel Foley Kinda Way

I did something unthinkable this morning, Modern Philosophers. It was the kind of thing that should’ve caused Axel Foley to kick in my door, burst into The House on the Hill with his gun drawn, and place me under arrest. … Continue reading

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Is This The Global Warming We Were Promised?

I just went for a walk up to the local supermarket, Modern Philosophers. It was a walk, that on the final weekend of September, made me so hot that I had to slip into the restroom to throw cold water … Continue reading

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Snow Way, Dude! Where’s That Global Warming You Promised, Al Gore?

One from the Archives on this snowy weekend. I blame Al Gore and Snow Miser for all the snow!

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