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Bloodsuckers For Trump

Independence Day is just around the corner, Modern Philosophers, so we’re having a big barbecue at work. I don’t know anyone who enjoys a thick, juicy, very rare hamburger more than my friend Ana.  Since I hadn’t seen my favorite … Continue reading

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Does This Food Make Me Look Fat???

Never give a fistful of cash to a stressed guy, and then send him off all alone to buy food for a barbecue, Modern Philosophers. Those are my Deep Thoughts for today, and you can do with them what you … Continue reading

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Hamburger With The Vampire

Today is my favorite Vampire’s birthday, Modern Philosophers! I had the privilege of spending time with Ana, the beautiful, witty, sarcastic, sassy, bookworm of a Vampire on her special day. I offered to take her anywhere she wanted as Maine … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s The Little Things…

The whole way home from the grocery store last night, Modern Philosophers, I kept trying to figure out why it had cost so much when it seemed like I had bought so little. Once I was back at The House … Continue reading

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Mayor McCheese Refutes Allegations Of Cannibalism

Election Day might still be eight months away, Modern Philosophers, but things sure are heating up (or sizzling???) in the Maine Gubernatorial Race. Today, challenger and frontrunner Mayor McCheese responded to allegations in a Penobscot County Courier article that referred … Continue reading

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Burger Me Up, And I Promise To Work Harder

Happy BBQ Thursday, Modern Philosophers!  I’m actually looking forward to going to work today because we’re having a huge cookout and that’s the perfect way to raise morale while also inducing the staff into a food coma. Here’s a photo … Continue reading

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