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Too Stupid?

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Aaron’s question broke the silence, and caused Holly to almost drop her coffee.  It was a peaceful Sunday morning along the river, and the best friends were seated on their favorite bench. “What kind of … Continue reading

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I Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! I know I usually try to make you laugh on this blog, but every so often, I like to mix it up. After all, the goal of this endeavor is to inspire deep thoughts to accompany … Continue reading

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Just Look At The Clouds

Sometimes, I just like to look at the clouds, Modern Philosophers. I find them to be very compelling.  They can be so beautiful, but also so menacing.  When a storm is on the horizon, the clouds let you know.  If … Continue reading

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One Million Dollars Needed For Social Science Experiment

It’s time for the blog to get philosophical, Modern Philosophers. I didn’t come to this decision randomly.  I was sitting out on the porch the other day, reading a book, and minding my own business when the DeLorean materialized out … Continue reading

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Christmas Spirit

As the calendar turns Once again To December, My not so Secret wish Is that My empty heart Be filled anew With Christmas Spirit. Maine can be So cold and dark In the days Leading up To Christmas. The House … Continue reading

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What’s Really Going On Behind Your Smile?

Look at that charming smile on the left, Modern Philosophers.  Not bad, right? People always tell me I should show my teeth more, but I find that if I smile too wide, it makes me squint and I look sleepy … Continue reading

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What Would It Take To Make You Truly Happy?

A couple of interesting things happened at work yesterday, Modern Philosophers. We found out that we were all getting raises, and that the company was finally going to be able to contribute to our 401K accounts again. It’s not a … Continue reading

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How To Be Happier And Enjoy Life

I’ve received many emails from Modern Philosophers who aren’t out in the dating world, asking me to write a dating tips style post to help with other life issues. I tasked the interns with contacting all of you to see … Continue reading

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