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When Your Dreams Chase You

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again, Modern Philosophers.  Some of it has to do with the weather, the stress brought about by the pandemic and turmoil in our country, and a fear that things might only get worse after Election … Continue reading

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The Ghost of April Snow

Once upon a time, There was A little girl Named April Snow. The other children Loved to tease And bully her. They told April She wasn’t real. They insisted That she didn’t Actually exist. “There’s no Such thing As April … Continue reading

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The Killer Was Watching…And Waiting

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
Lucinda sat in the same chair she always did, sipped her favorite flavored coffee, and read a magazine that focused more on gossip than it did on actual news.  This was…

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I Advise You To Haunt It Out

Dear Modern Philosopher, I hope you are surviving this cold snap that is plaguing New England.  Perhaps you could ask some of your Otherworldly Friends to rough up Snow Miser a bit and convince him to back off on the … Continue reading

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Hauntings Skyrocket In Maine As Ghosts Gather For Halloween

You know that noise, Modern Philosophers, that wakes you from sleep in the middle of the night?  The one that sounds like nails scratching on the window?  Or like a low, deep moaning?  Perhaps like footsteps all the way on … Continue reading

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