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What Runners Do

I’m sure we all have those Groundhog Day moments, Modern Philosophers, when we wake up and are certain we are just living the same moment over again. Ths French call it deja vu, but in America, we always go with … Continue reading

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The Magic Of Running In The Rain

My stepmother had a saying, Modern Philosophers, about how only a fool isn’t smart enough to come in out of the rain. So perhaps it’s my stepmother’s fault that I  enjoy running in the rain.  After all, I was too … Continue reading

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Will We Ever Outrun The Calories?

I’m long overdue for a running post, Modern Philosophers. I don’t want you to think that my lack of writing about running means that I’ve given up on the dreaded activity. That’s never going to happen.  My memories of fat … Continue reading

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Do I Run To Lose Myself?

While I was on my morning run, this Deep Thought bounced around in my brain, Modern Philosophers: Do I run to lose myself? I’ve heard of people taking up an activity to help them find themselves, but is it possible … Continue reading

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Back Among The Living

I do not make a secret of the fact that I am an introvert, Modern Philosophers. I prefer to lock myself away from the world by choice, not because some renegade germs tell me I cannot frolic with the masses. … Continue reading

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Chasing After Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Christmas, Modern Philosophers! Christmas began in the traditional way at The House on the Hill.  I ran down the stairs in search of presents, but there weren’t any. It’s not like I expected anything to be waiting for me … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Ridiculously Cold Outside!

The good news, Modern Philosophers, is that I have taken great strides in overcoming my paralyzing fear of driving in the snow. The RAV4 has made traveling the winter roads of Maine a much less anxious endeavor, and that has … Continue reading

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