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The Mayor of Crazy Town

“You know how I’m always saying I should run for office?” Aaron broke the silence with quite the conversation starter. “Yes, I do,” Holly replied with a smile, “because every time you say it, I reply by stating that it … Continue reading

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The Chickens Laid Fried Eggs

After a long, uncomfortable, sweltering week, I have finally emerged from my basement bunker, Modern Philosophers. It was disgustingly hot in Maine this week.  I’d love to go into details about just how hot it was, but this is not … Continue reading

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He Shall Wear A Crown Of Ice

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Heat Miser has been making a real nuisance of himself this weekend, Modern Philosophers. Usually, it’s Snow Miser causing my life to be miserable, but he has apparently tagged in the evil red … Continue reading

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Trump Hires Snow Miser To Quell Global Warming Talk

While temperatures skyrocketed into the 90s during the last week of September, Republicans panicked as renewed talk of Global Warming spread across the country faster than sweat across a hairy, fat man’s back during a heat wave, Modern Philosophers. Desperate … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Walk (That Never Happened)

There’s something in the Maine air lately, Modern Philosophers, that’s turned me into an insomniac with a glandular problem. The Republicans can scream at the top of their lungs that Global Warming isn’t a thing, but when I’m sweating my … Continue reading

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Hot As Hell (Not!)

O how I abhor it, When foolish mortals, A species who wasted The gift of Free Will, And is on the verge Of destroying the planet With which they were gifted, Try to tell me, The Prince of Darkness And … Continue reading

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Beat The Heat

It’s going to be a real scorcher in Maine today, Modern Philosophers! The weather wizards have looked into their crystal balls and seen a future where the mercury skyrockets to 91 degrees.  That’s wicked hot, as the locals would say. … Continue reading

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It’s Hot, I’m Cool

Walking around Like a bad ass In my Kylo Ren Tee shirt, Sweating in the Ninety degree heat, And being Totally cool With it. Why don’t I care That a heat wave Is scorching Maine And the sun Is relentlessly … Continue reading

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Sweaty Trump To Build A Wall Around The Sun

Why in the name of Zeus is it so hot in Maine on September 9th, Modern Philosophers? I stepped out of my air conditioned office this evening and into 90 degree heat.  Maybe it’s a sign of End of Days. … Continue reading

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How To Beat The Heat Without Air Conditioning

The last two weeks have been hot, sweaty, humid, and disgusting in Maine, Modern Philosophers. Heat Miser is back and things are not going well at The House on the Hill because the place doesn’t have any air conditioning. So … Continue reading

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