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An Open Plea To Heat Miser

Dear Heat Miser, As I’m sure your brother Snow Miser has informed you, I’ve been at war with him for a couple of decades over an incident that occurred while we were in college. I have long since tried to … Continue reading

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Meet Joe Cool(er)

In all the excitement about my screenplay news on Tuesday (He Said Yes To The Screenplay), I forgot to tell you about the other life altering event that occurred on the very same day, Modern Philosophers. After fifteen years at … Continue reading

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Sleeping On The Couch: It’s Not Just For Troubled Relationships

There was a time, Modern Philosophers, when sleeping on the couch would have meant that I was in the doghouse. Yet again. In fact, I’ve always equated a night spent on the couch as a very bad sign. It meant … Continue reading

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Heat Miser Is A @#$%^&

I make absolutely no secret of the fact, Modern Philosophers, that Snow Miser is my mortal enemy. We have been at war with each other for years (a very one-sided battle I might add!) ever since I stole (that seems … Continue reading

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