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Hey, Betsy Ross!

Hey, Betsy Ross… Do you have Any idea How popular Your little Sewing project Has become? The American Flag, Old Glory, The Stars & Stripes, It goes by Many names. Right now, It’s flying proudly Outside my home. Red, white, … Continue reading

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British Military Intelligence Admits Redcoats Were A Bad Idea

On this Independence Day, members high up in the British Military Intelligence community, having had a little to drink and many years to reflect, have decided the time has finally come to admit a major blunder. Those redcoats worn by … Continue reading

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England Offers To Take Back US; Americans Laugh At Wacky British Humor

According to multiple sources in the White House, this Modern Philosopher has learned that British Prime Minister David Cameron made a most unusual call to President Barack Obama this morning. Instead of the expected Independence Day well wishes, the Prime … Continue reading

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