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What Do You Want For Christmas?

I’m going to continue my holiday tradition of not putting up a Christmas tree, Modern Philosophers. I mean, what’s the point?  No one is giving me any presents to put under the tree, and I don’t have anyone special in … Continue reading

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Okay, You Can Be All Christmassy Now

I was knocking giant icicles off the roof, Modern Philosophers, and made a decision. Now that Thanksgiving dinner has been properly digested, and the holiday has been given a proper day to pass out of our systems, I say we … Continue reading

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Christmas: A New Hope?

“It’s the most Wonderful time Of the year!” They lied. “Your days Will be merry And bright!” They insisted. What they don’t Seem to realize Is that I Don’t see Christmas Through the same Rose and green Colored glasses. Every … Continue reading

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I’m Not Possessed, But I Can Sense The Christmas Spirit’s Presence

I’m in love, Modern Philosophers. The Boy Who Love Forget has suddenly found himself remembered, and now my heart beats faster again for reasons other than running. The Sweet Irish Girl has turned my life upside down in a wonderful … Continue reading

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Jump Start Your Brain: Christmas Carols

It’s the Saturday before Christmas, Modern Philosophers! We’ve got a major ice storm headed our way, so my plan is to hunker down at The House on the Hill, and spend a quiet weekend away from Snow Miser’s wrath. I … Continue reading

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Is It Racist to Dream of a White Christmas?

This Modern Philosopher recently attended a seminar at Husson University about racism in modern society.  The speaker, upon seeing all the Christmas decorations in the room, went off on a heated tangent about how the holiday promotes racism.  He declared … Continue reading

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Wooden Soldiers Set to March Again For Charity

The Holiday Season is in full swing, Modern Philosophers, and we need to remember that this is a time of giving. Sgt. Tommy “Splinters” Olson of the North Pole Wooden Soldiers Brigade stopped by The House on the Hill to … Continue reading

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