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Hitting Snooze On Hope

I know I’m a little quirky, Modern Philosophers, but am I the only one who takes a personal inventory before getting out of bed in the morning? I like to shake out the cobwebs, and try to remember who I … Continue reading

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Just Look At The Clouds

Sometimes, I just like to look at the clouds, Modern Philosophers. I find them to be very compelling.  They can be so beautiful, but also so menacing.  When a storm is on the horizon, the clouds let you know.  If … Continue reading

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Where The Ice Finally Ends

Today, I discovered where the ice finally ends, Modern Philosophers, and it has given me hope. Not just hope that Spring is on its way, but also hope that life is looking up in general. Since I’m being both literal … Continue reading

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Christmas: A New Hope?

“It’s the most Wonderful time Of the year!” They lied. “Your days Will be merry And bright!” They insisted. What they don’t Seem to realize Is that I Don’t see Christmas Through the same Rose and green Colored glasses. Every … Continue reading

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Little White (Dress) Lies Hurt The Most

It was twenty years ago today, Modern Philosophers, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play… Okay, this isn’t a post about The Beatles, but there could very well be a Lonely Hearts Club involved. Twenty years ago today, I … Continue reading

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The Wrong Melissa

Something intriguing happened at The House on the Hill last night, Modern Philosophers. It was the sort of occurrence that reminded me this place is magical, justified why I never give up on someone who has touched my heart, and … Continue reading

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Everyone Wears a mask. What does Your mask Tell me About You? What are you Hiding From the Prying eyes Of the Eternally Voyeuristic World That  threatens To consume Us all? My mask Hides How scared I am Of Being … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Sightings of Spring Reported in Maine!

The police scanners came to life early at The House on the Hill on this April Sunday, Modern Philosophers. The intern tasked with monitoring the scanners rushed to the Master Bedroom to awaken me with the news… Multiple sightings of … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Find A Very Large Umbrella

Dear Modern Philosopher, What do you do when the dark clouds won’t go away? Drowning in Darkness   Dear Drowning, As you know, I have often been trailed by the dark clouds, but I always manage to give them the … Continue reading

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Up On The Rooftop: Some Much Needed Gargoyle Wisdom

Today was the first warm day we’ve had in an eternity, so when I got home from work, I went up onto the roof to visit Gary, my faithful Gargoyle and The House on the Hill’s de facto Guardian Angel. … Continue reading

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