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He Who Must Not Be Named President

As part of Maine’s month long Halloween Festival, today was Scary Story Day at All Souls Cemetery in Bangor, Modern Philosophers. Humans and Otherworldly Beings packed Maine’s largest graveyard, widely accepted to be the most haunted cemetery in America, to … Continue reading

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Harrowing Halloween Horror: Monsoon Man

It’s not truly Halloween Season, Modern Philosophers, until you’ve had one good scare.  You can look it up. To truly enjoy the holiday, one must face his fears, tempt the Fates, and/or look Death in the eye without blinking. I … Continue reading

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The Stalked

Larry had to stop to take a breath. He knew that every second he was not running meant that his pursuers were gaining ground on him, but he simply could not continue. Not without getting some oxygen into his lungs, … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: Good Friday the 13th: Judas Lives!

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
It wouldn’t truly be the Easter Season without the release of the next film in the Good Friday the 13th horror franchise.  As always, the story follows hockey mask wearing, machete…

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Zombie McPocalype! Maine Zombies Feast On Passed Out St Paddy’s Day Revelers

Happy St. Paddy’s Day from Maine’s Zombies!

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Friday Night Think Tank: Haunted Edition

Happy Haunted Friday Night, Modern Philosophers!  It’s the first Friday in October which mean Halloween is just around the corner, and Ghosts are flocking to Maine for Autumn vacation. I’ve had our visitors from the Spirit World haunting my thoughts … Continue reading

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Our Love At Camp Crystal Lake

I will never forget The day we met Camp Crystal Lake, The Summer of Love. I didn’t know it At the time, But my life Would change Forever. Young love, First love, Obsessive love. I could not Take my eyes … Continue reading

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