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Get The Hell Off My Lawn, Old Age!

I don’t know what kind of sadistic curse has been put on me, Modern Philosophers, but when I went to mow the lawn yesterday, I tweaked something in my back and have never been in such pain. It was bad … Continue reading

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When Loneliness Affects Your Self Worth

I make a lot of mistakes, Modern Philosophers. When they are pointed out to me, I get super embarrassed and then vow to never make them again so I don’t have to experience such humiliation in the future.  I know … Continue reading

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No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

“So are you putting up a Christmas tree this year?” Holly asked after taking a long sip of her coffee. They sat on their usual bench overlooking the river, but it was cold, snowy, and icy today.  In fact, ice … Continue reading

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The Invisible Man Eats Candy Alone

I rarely check the blog’s mail bag any more, Modern Philosophers. That was a task that fell to the interns, and since the University will no longer send me interns due to COVID precautions, I rarely even pick up the … Continue reading

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Are My Batteries Rechargeable?

I decided to take the day off and have a three day weekend, Modern Philosophers, which means you get to enjoy a bonus Friday blog post. Of course, I couldn’t get away from people before someone inevitably asked if I … Continue reading

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Solitude

Whenever it rains, I think of something my stepmother liked to say during similar weather conditions, Modern Philosophers. We’d be in the car, and from her throne aka the passenger seat, she would pass judgment on the world outside her … Continue reading

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Stress: The Final Frontier

The movie Alien taught me many things, Modern Philosophers, but one of my most important takeaways was that in space, no one can hear you scream. I’ve often wondered if the same is true about stress and space. Would anyone … Continue reading

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A Madman Running Into A Storm

Anyone who knows me either in real life, or via my loquacious online persona, knows I am an introvert, who hates change and making any sort of major decisions, but truly loves running in the rain. As a result, today … Continue reading

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Appeasing My Inner Monk

I normally don’t like being alone on my birthday, Modern Philosophers, but this year, I thought I’d change it up a little. I’m appeasing my inner monk. While I’m not wearing a brown hooded robe and spending the day in … Continue reading

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How To Party Like An Introvert

I’ve made no secret of the fact, Modern Philosophers, that I am a socially awkward introvert, who would much rather hide out in The House on the Hill’s basement bunker than try to make small talk with total strangers at … Continue reading

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