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Is This The Line For The Can?

“Did you see the photos of all those people lined up just to get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin?” Aaron asked. It was a Sunday morning in Maine, far from the United Kingdom.  The best friends were seated on … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday, Batman!

It’s Holy Thursday, Modern Philosophers! Being raised by a devout Catholic Evil Step Mother, it makes sense that the first thing the day brings to mind is a reference to Robin, Batman’s trusty sidekick. Why did he say “Holy” in … Continue reading

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In Case The Easter Bunny Didn’t Bring You What You Desired…

Happy Easter, Modern Philosophers!  I hope the Easter Bunny brought you a wonderful basket full of yummy treats. In case he didn’t, I’m posting this clip from Mallrats for you.  Perhaps it will brighten up your day. If it doesn’t, … Continue reading

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