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World’s Greatest Dad (In Training)

There’s been some talk around The House on the Hill lately, Modern Philosophers, about the possibility of my becoming a father. I’ve always wanted to have kiddos and follow in my Dad’s footsteps as the World’s Greatest Dad, but I … Continue reading

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Could We Have Christmas All Year If Santa Wasn’t Lazy?

As you know, Modern Philosophers, I am very good friends with Santa Claus. St. Nick and I Skype all the time, and he loves to give me exclusive insight into life at the North Pole to share with you on … Continue reading

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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Pitchfork

“Father’s Day.  Am I right or what?” I looked up to find The Devil standing in front of me.  He held out a bottle of Snapple, which I snapped up greedily.  I’d been writing and had totally lost track of … Continue reading

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Kids Campaign To Have Thanksgiving Upgraded To A Gift Giving Holiday

Apparently, American children have been saving up their allowances, Modern Philosophers, because those who occupy the kiddie table on Thanksgiving have just hired a powerful D.C. lobby group to campaign on their behalf. Dylan Chatsworth, of the Beltway’s Havisham Group, … Continue reading

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