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Cats Excel At Hide And Seek

I have come to the conclusion, Modern Philosophers, that cats are champions of Hide and Seek. If kids really want to learn how to excel at the game, they need to train with kitties.  Only then, will they become true … Continue reading

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The Three Amigos (Kitty Version)

The interns keep nagging me that the mailbag is overflowing with requests for more information on my beloved kitties, Modern Philosophers. Since I like keeping you guys happy almost as much as I hate being annoyed by the interns, I … Continue reading

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One Happy Year At The Cat House On The Hill

This is the view I woke up to this morning, Modern Philosophers. Cali and Luna curled up on the bed with me, anxiously waiting for me to open my eyes.  I like to think it’s because they love me, but … Continue reading

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Is That A Cat House On The Hill?

Many of you have asked me for updates on Cali and Luna, the beautiful kitties that I adopted from the Bangor Humane Society back in August. They are doing wonderfully, and really have made The House on the Hill their … Continue reading

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How About Some Silliness Before The Storm?

I’ve become a Winter Recluse, Modern Philosophers, and we can blame that on Snow Miser and his evil plans of revenge. Yet another blizzard is barreling towards Maine, with this one expected to drop 15 to 26 inches of snow … Continue reading

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The House On The Hill Is Alive With The Sound Of Kitties!

I have a wonderful bit of news to share, Modern Philosophers… I have opened the doors of The House on the Hill to two adorable kitties who needed a home!  It’s been almost a month since Banky left this world, … Continue reading

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