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Has King Klutz Become A Handyman?

There isn’t much chance that I will ever be confused with Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, Modern Philosophers. Tool belts are not a part of my wardrobe, and the closest thing I have to a power tool is my electric … Continue reading

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All Hail, King Klutz!

This just in from the blog’s Too Stupid Not To Be True Department, Modern Philosophers: I managed to injury myself while walking to the library. I survived 3 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday, after finally recovering from a leg … Continue reading

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The Klutz: A Perfect Gift For Eight Crazy Nights

“You know, klutz is one of my peoples’ words,” Hanukkah Harry had to shout from the front porch of The House on the Hill to be heard over Seamus’ hysterical laughter.  “That just makes this so perfect.” Even Harry was … Continue reading

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The Ice Storm

Stormy McBlizzardton & The Accu-Weather Rangers Say an awful Ice storm Is on Its way. The power Might go out. Driving will be Quite dangerous. Apocal-ice now. They warn me To stay inside. Why would I ever leave The House … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Get A Stunt Double

Dear Modern Philosopher, Like you, I am a homeowner in Maine, and I’ve got a little situation on my hands on this windy, cold Sunday morning. The gale force winds that have been sweeping through our beautiful state all weekend … Continue reading

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The Handyman Can’t

I’m a writer, not a do it yourself kind of guy, Modern Philosophers. I know it’s hard to believe, but the only reason I ever wear a hard hat is to protect myself from my own klutziness.  When I need … Continue reading

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