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How Would Santa Claus Wrap An Impeachment?

According to a recent report released by The North Pole Post Office, the number of letters to Santa Claus written by adults has skyrocketed this year, Modern Philosophers. While some deal with requests for fancy cars, expensive jewelry, and the … Continue reading

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I Want A New President For Christmas

Dear Santa Claus, I know I’m a little too old to be writing to you, and this never worked well when I was a kid, but I refuse to stop believing in the Magic of Christmas. Plus, desperate times call … Continue reading

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Trump Asks Santa Claus For A Nobel Prize

A highly placed source at The North Pole claims to be able to shed new light on why President Trump turned down Time Magazine’s “offer” to be its 2017 Person of the Year, Modern Philosophers. That source, of course, is … Continue reading

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Could We Have Christmas All Year If Santa Wasn’t Lazy?

As you know, Modern Philosophers, I am very good friends with Santa Claus. St. Nick and I Skype all the time, and he loves to give me exclusive insight into life at the North Pole to share with you on … Continue reading

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A Letter To Santa Claws

Dear Santa Claws, Daddy told us that we should write you a letter to tell you what we want for Christmas. We’ve been talking, though, and we can’t think of anything that we need.  You see, all we ever wanted … Continue reading

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