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The Great Halloween Blackout

Do I have a wild and scary Halloween story for you, Modern Philosophers! You might have thought it strange that I would vanish and the blog would go dark during my favorite holiday, but Mother Nature left me no choice! … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Walk (That Never Happened)

There’s something in the Maine air lately, Modern Philosophers, that’s turned me into an insomniac with a glandular problem. The Republicans can scream at the top of their lungs that Global Warming isn’t a thing, but when I’m sweating my … Continue reading

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It’s Hot, I’m Cool

Walking around Like a bad ass In my Kylo Ren Tee shirt, Sweating in the Ninety degree heat, And being Totally cool With it. Why don’t I care That a heat wave Is scorching Maine And the sun Is relentlessly … Continue reading

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Old Friends And New Laughs On The Nite Show

Today was a special matinee taping of The Nite Show, Modern Philosophers. We taped the show earlier than usual because it was a make up date made necessary by a previous blizzard.  And guess what happened yesterday? Winter Storm Stella … Continue reading

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Gary the Gargoyle Reveals His Secret Identity as a Life Coach to Struggling Superheroes

Have you ever had one of those moments when a good friend tells you a secret, and you realize that you didn’t know that person as well as you’d thought?  That happened to me last night up on the roof … Continue reading

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