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A Midwinter Night’s Dream

It wasn’t much as far as dreams go.  However, when I woke up and realized it had only been a dream, I wanted to cry. Because it had been about her. As much as I want to, I rarely dream … Continue reading

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When Loneliness Affects Your Self Worth

I make a lot of mistakes, Modern Philosophers. When they are pointed out to me, I get super embarrassed and then vow to never make them again so I don’t have to experience such humiliation in the future.  I know … Continue reading

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Is It Safer Under The Covers?

The word on the street, Modern Philosophers, is that you shouldn’t be out on the street. It’s Day Infinity Plus One of the Stay at Home, Shelter in Place, Everyone Unleash Your Inner Introvert Order to help combat the spread … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Rain Walker

Why do you always Look at me So strangely After I tell you I’ve been walking In the rain? I know I’m Incredibly sweet, But that Doesn’t mean I’m made Of sugar, So don’t worry That the raindrops Will cause … Continue reading

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I Am…

sad. alone. confused. brokenhearted. doubting myself. wondering how this happened. wishing that someone would just understand. crying. unable to sleep. talking to myself. dreaming about her constantly. afraid of spending the rest of my life alone. incapable of getting anyone … Continue reading

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Friends Can Make It A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my all-time favorite movies, Modern Philosophers. The first time I ever saw it was during Film class in high school.  Yes, my super special nerd high school came complete with a Film class, … Continue reading

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The Drowning Man

His desperate screams for help echoed for miles in every direction, as he flailed wildly to keep his head above water. The fact that he was out in the middle of nowhere, where his pleas might not reach another human … Continue reading

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Candle, candle burning bright, Warm me on this frigid night. Provide a light so I might see The amazing world surrounding me. Candle, candle with dancing flame, I hear the darkness call my name. Protect me in your orange glow … Continue reading

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Seeking Shelter In The Shadow Of Gargoyle Wings

Today was one of those days, Modern Philosopher, that I hope to quickly forget.  It started early with a grumbly stomach after a night of restless, nightmare plagued sleep. When the work day ended, I fled back to The House … Continue reading

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