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Go To Hell, Fetch Me A Snapple

“Where the Hell is it?” I screamed as I peered into the fridge at the very spot where the item in question was supposed to be. I was not in the mood for this, and it was time for my volcano … Continue reading

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To My Mom, Who I Don’t Remember

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! You died when I was only 3, and I hate that I have absolutely no memory of you. This photo is one of the very few I have of you, and the only one of … Continue reading

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A Peek Inside The Vault: A Memory Of My Wedding Day

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
While I so enjoy time travel, Modern Philosophers, I always avoid taking this blog back to that period in my life when I wore a wedding ring. It’s a time I’ve…

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Saying Goodbye To My Little Black Cat

It is a very sad day at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers. Banky, my beloved little black cat, left this world this morning.  Banklyn McFranklin, as he was known by those who loved him, would have been 16 … Continue reading

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