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Love Wanted…Reward Offered

Justin and Ryan enjoyed their beers at the far end of the almost empty bar. It Monday night, and it was supposed to be quiet because this was a God fearing town with decent morals. At least that’s what Natalie, … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Try A Court Appointed Girlfriend?

I had some time during Thursday’s visit to the Federal Building, Modern Philosophers, to check out the directory of services offered to the good people of Bangor by the Federal Government. While the security guards patted me down and ran … Continue reading

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How To Handle Vivid Ex Dreams

It’s Saturday night, Modern Philosophers, which is when I usually dispense invaluable dating tips to help you in your search for love. This week, however, the post has more of a relationship advice slant due to events that occurred last … Continue reading

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Oh, It’s Valentine’s Day?

So it might have slipped my mind that today was Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers. It’s not like I blanked completely.  I’m aware of what holiday falls on February 14th, and I’ve been writing Valentine’s Day themed posts for the blog, … Continue reading

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I Am…

sad. alone. confused. brokenhearted. doubting myself. wondering how this happened. wishing that someone would just understand. crying. unable to sleep. talking to myself. dreaming about her constantly. afraid of spending the rest of my life alone. incapable of getting anyone … Continue reading

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Little White (Dress) Lies Hurt The Most

It was twenty years ago today, Modern Philosophers, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play… Okay, this isn’t a post about The Beatles, but there could very well be a Lonely Hearts Club involved. Twenty years ago today, I … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Forgetful In Your Old Age

I realized something interesting today, Modern Philosophers.  I forgot that today was The Girl Who Moved Away’s birthday. You remember The Girl Who Moved Away, right?  She’s the whole reason this blog exists.  I loved her very much, but I … Continue reading

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