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The Scary Kind of Whiteout

Just because I have a new car that handles amazingly well in the snow, doesn’t mean I still don’t have some perilous journeys, Modern Philosophers. Today, Winter Storm Grayson has been wreaking havoc on my neck of the woods, with … Continue reading

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Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping On Global Warming?

Where the hell is this global warming I’m always hearing about, Modern Philosophers? Please don’t start sending hate mail to the blog.  I’m not wishing for anything bad to happen to the environment. I’m just tired of the Arctic temperatures … Continue reading

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The Great Indoors

It was ten degrees below zero when I woke up this morning, Modern Philosophers, and twenty-three below with the windchill. I don’t care how dedicated I am to my fitness program, there is no way that I’m going out to … Continue reading

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Finding The True Meaning Of Christmas

I probably sounded like a spoiled brat in my earlier post, Modern Philosophers, whining about not getting any Christmas presents, but it has been a rough year and I really hoped Santa Claus would bring me something. The day was … Continue reading

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The Hunt For Santa’s Buried Treasure

Merry Christmas, Modern Philosophers! As has become a Christmas tradition at The House on the Hill, I awakened to discover no presents waiting for me. I’ve gotten used to this scenario over the years, but it doesn’t make it sting … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Dashing Through The Snow

‘Twas a week before Christmas at The House on the Hill, Despite all the snow, I’ve been out running still. I’ve been driving quite often, on snow covered roads, And somehow my head has yet to explode! I know I … Continue reading

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Who’s The Stranger On Our Porch?

Pay no mind to that stranger on your porch, Modern Philosophers.  It’s just me, and I’m totally harmless. I’m merely posing for a picture with your Christmas lights, and I’ll vanish into the darkness just as soon as I snap … Continue reading

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