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Sticks and Stones

Holly took in a deep breath of fresh air and smiled. “I love football weather!” she exclaimed and then took a sip of her coffee. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning along the river in Maine.  The weather people would … Continue reading

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Where Has The Eagle Landed?

“That was awesome!” Aaron gushed as he sat down on their usual bench with the amazing view of the Penobscot River. “Agreed,” Holly concurred as she took her seat on her end of the bench. “I just wish I could’ve … Continue reading

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The Chickens Laid Fried Eggs

After a long, uncomfortable, sweltering week, I have finally emerged from my basement bunker, Modern Philosophers. It was disgustingly hot in Maine this week.  I’d love to go into details about just how hot it was, but this is not … Continue reading

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Take A Moment To Admire The View

What a difference a week makes, Modern Philosophers! Last weekend, I was very grumbly.  On Saturday, I gave myself the gift of nothing, which basically meant I could just sit around and do nothing. On Sunday, I published a post … Continue reading

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A Sobering Day In The Neighborhood

One of the things I most love about living in Maine, Modern Philosophers, is that life here is nothing like it used to be in New York and Los Angeles. In the 18 years I’ve lived here, I’ve felt relieved … Continue reading

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Pray The Ice Can’t Climb

I had a very intriguing Deep Thought during my run this morning, Modern Philosophers. I’m very thankful that ice hasn’t evolved to a point where it can climb stairs. Look at this photo.  All the giant chunks of ice in … Continue reading

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Smashing Icicles Rejuvenates The Soul

If I were ever to write a Self Help book, Modern Philosophers, it would borrow the title of this blog post. As I discovered after work today, smashing icicles really does rejuvenate the soul. You can simply trust me on … Continue reading

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A New Grip On Reality

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed the vanishing act I pulled on Tuesday morning, Modern Philosophers. I wrote a post Monday night about receiving my second Coronavirus vaccination.  Then I deleted it about twelve hours later. I wanted … Continue reading

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A War Of Snow And Roses

I’m constantly telling people that it never stops snowing in Maine, but I’m not sure everyone takes me seriously, Modern Philosophers. I know it might be hard for some to imagine a world that is forever covered in white.  I … Continue reading

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I’ll Take My Snow On The Rocks

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Modern Philosophers, there was a blizzard headed for The House on the Hill. I woke up in the middle of the night to heed the call of nature, and a peek out the window … Continue reading

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