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How Do You Know You’re In Love?

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, Modern Philosophers, so I wanted to write about love and relationships. Unfortunately, there’s not much new to report on those topics in my personal life, other than that I finally gave in to my friend … Continue reading

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Little White (Dress) Lies Hurt The Most

It was twenty years ago today, Modern Philosophers, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play… Okay, this isn’t a post about The Beatles, but there could very well be a Lonely Hearts Club involved. Twenty years ago today, I … Continue reading

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Which Fictional Character Would You Marry?

I love me some fiction, Modern Philosophers. Sure, the truth might be stranger in some instances, but fiction is exponentially more entertaining pretty much all the time. My marriage was definitely one of those circumstances when truth outdid fiction in … Continue reading

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And That’s Why California Is A Swing State

Swingers is one of my all time favorite movies, Modern Philosophers, but sometimes, hearing the title of the flick sends shivers down my spine. I rarely talk about my marriage on the blog, and there are several reasons for that.  … Continue reading

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Throwing Away Unhealthy Throwback Thursday Thoughts

It’s Throwback Thursday, Modern Philosophers, and I almost got sucked into a tear in the space-time continuum that I desperately try to avoid each year. When you spend sixteen years of your life with someone, it’s difficult to stop thinking … Continue reading

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Time Travels

An interested party Asked me Today Why I’d gotten Divorced. The question Threw me Because I hadn’t Thought about That event In quite some time. I answered That it had been So long That I couldn’t Even remember The reason. … Continue reading

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Man Infected By Bookworm Reads 212 Books In One Week

Old Town’s Marty Frost had never been much of a reader until his wife dragged him to a rundown bookstore near the Canadian border last week.  Ever since that trip, Marty has not been able to stop reading. “He’s been … Continue reading

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