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Stop The Rockets’ Red Glare

“I thought about you last night,” Holly informed him before taking a sip of her coffee to hide her devious smile. She knew such a comment would irk Aaron, but since he was being a little too quiet for her … Continue reading

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What’s Your All-American Holiday Menu?

Food is an important part of American culture, Modern Philosophers. If you don’t believe me, believe the numbers.  In a recent survey of all adults living at The House on the Hill, 100% responded that food was Very Important.  Respondents … Continue reading

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Relax…It’s A Holiday

It’s Memorial Day, Modern Philosophers. So many people asked me about my weekend plans, and my answer was very clear: I plan to spend it not working. Because that’s all I really care about on a holiday.  I’m just thrilled … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend Induced Amnesia

There’s something both jarring and unsettling about hearing someone clear his throat when you are supposed to be the only one in the house. I looked up with a start to find The Devil staring at me from the entrance … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day (Even If You’re Confused)

Happy Memorial Day, Modern Philosophers! According to several tweets I’ve read this morning, people aren’t exactly clear about why we celebrate this holiday. While some folks are offended by their fellow Americans’ lack of information, I blame TV.  Because no … Continue reading

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It’s Always Monday In Hell

“Something seems a little off today,” The Devil announced as he reached for another Snapple from the cooler. “Maybe it’s because you wore a purple suit and look like The Joker,” I quipped as I took a bite of my … Continue reading

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Incredibly Horrible Dating Tips

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Modern Philosophers! As you know, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer, which means it is also the unofficial start of the Summer Dating Season. I really enjoying writing Dating Tips posts because the Hopeless … Continue reading

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Hell Could Use A Second Coat

The Devil and I stood in the driveway of The House on the Hill, and admired the freshly painted garage doors. I was neither Michelangelo, nor a Do It Yourself expert, but I was proud of the work I’d done.  … Continue reading

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Painting Myself Out Of A Corner

Happy Memorial Day Eve, Modern Philosophers! The first thing I did upon coming downstairs this morning was hang out the flag.  It’s just the right thing to do considering what this holiday weekend is all about. The second thing I … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Keep Teaching Them About Real Heroes

Dear Modern Philosopher, I am writing to you because I am having a problem with my grandsons, and would love some advice from someone who better understands that generation. I adore the boys, and always look forward to spending time … Continue reading

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