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The Enchanting Serenade of Uncontrolled Exhaustion

Life is exhausting, Modern Philosophers. No big reveal there.  Just a statement of fact. Now we’ve got the technology to prove this fact.  My new Garmin comes with a Body Battery feature that lets me know when the old tank … Continue reading

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When Loneliness Affects Your Self Worth

I make a lot of mistakes, Modern Philosophers. When they are pointed out to me, I get super embarrassed and then vow to never make them again so I don’t have to experience such humiliation in the future.  I know … Continue reading

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Losing My Frigidity

I am really starting to hate winter, Modern Philosophers. And for those smart asses who feel compelled to point out that I never should have moved to Maine if I hated winter, I will point out that I had a … Continue reading

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Two Negatives Can Be Positive

One of the things I hate most about being single, Modern Philosophers, is that there isn’t that someone special around to settle me down when my anxiety skyrockets. I’m a writer with a vivid imagination, which means I am outstanding … Continue reading

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Take A Moment To Admire The View

What a difference a week makes, Modern Philosophers! Last weekend, I was very grumbly.  On Saturday, I gave myself the gift of nothing, which basically meant I could just sit around and do nothing. On Sunday, I published a post … Continue reading

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Nothing

Trying to find the right present for someone gives me anxiety, Modern Philosophers. You’re probably asking yourself, “What doesn’t give you anxiety, Austin?” and you would definitely have a point. Gift giving didn’t earn a place on the Plethora of … Continue reading

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Stop Draining My Mojo

I’ve been trying to write more lately, Modern Philosophers, in an attempt to put a more positive spin on my life. Writing has always been my favorite escape, and it’s also extremely therapeutic.  The more time I spend at it, … Continue reading

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Flirting With Perfection

Anyone who knows me very well, (and I must admit I’ve worked very hard to make sure there are very few people who can make that claim, Modern Philosophers), knows that I have an issue with the concept of perfection. … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need To Run

It has been a considerable while since I last suffered through a long, dark teatime of the soul, Modern Philosophers. I’m not sure what changes I made in my life to fend off the dark clouds, but I knew that … Continue reading

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Stress: The Final Frontier

The movie Alien taught me many things, Modern Philosophers, but one of my most important takeaways was that in space, no one can hear you scream. I’ve often wondered if the same is true about stress and space. Would anyone … Continue reading

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