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Study Links Mermaid Sightings To Higher Inebriation Levels

Scientists from the University of Maine at Rockland’s prestigious Mythical Maritime Creatures Department have released a study that proves that people report more Mermaid sightings when they are inebriated. The study, which was conducted from Memorial Day Weekend through the … Continue reading

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Vacation Post: Best Swimming Lesson Ever

Happy Thursday, Modern Philosophers!  At least I think it’s Thursday.  I’ve lost track of the day of the week while I’ve been enjoying my vacation.  I hope you have all been on your best behavior and treating the Guest Bloggers … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts on a Steep Roof: A Gargoyle’s Love Story

The holidays can bring out the full spectrum of emotions.  Yesterday, I was ready to put on my Santa Claus suit and spread good cheer to the entire world.  Today, I feel a bit like the grinch after a horrible … Continue reading

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