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Forever Single

“Do you know that store Forever 21?” I asked The Devil as I fished a bottle of Snapple out of the cooler. As always, my Sunday guest was dressed in an impeccably tailored suit.  He did not even glance up … Continue reading

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After Dinner Mints: That God Awful Gurgle

The day got off to such a promising start, Modern Philosophers. I was up bright and early to get in a run before work.  It was an overcast morning, which was excellent weather for leaving little pools of sweat along … Continue reading

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Is The Weather Channel In Cahoots With Snow Miser???

As the Winter of 2013/2014 continues to brutalize the United States, a rumor has surfaced that The Weather Channel is plotting with Snow Miser to keep the country buried under a heavy white blanket for as long as possible. Why … Continue reading

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Milford Woman To Be A Princess After Finally Kissing The Right Frog

Upon upon a time, in a magical place called Milford, Maine, there lived an adorable little girl named Rochelle Green.  Rochelle loved fairy tales and magic almost as much as she loved hunting for frogs. She was fairly certain that … Continue reading

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