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The Devil’s Alaskan Adventure

“Guess who’s back?” The Devil asked excitedly as he strode confidently across the living room.  “I brought wings!” As always, he was well dressed in an impeccably tailored suit.  In each hand, he held a platter overflowing with his famous … Continue reading

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The Not So Magnificent Seven

Sometimes, the road rises up to kick my ass, Modern Philosophers. It seems that today is one such day. When that happens, I guess it becomes a matter of how I respond to that challenge. It has been incredibly windy … Continue reading

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Is The House On The Hill On Elm Street?

I’m beginning to think The House on the Hill has relocated to Elm Street, Modern Philosophers. I’ve always had nightmares, but over the last few nights, they’ve really been disturbing.  The kind that makes you jumpy all day. It’s gotten … Continue reading

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Why Do I Keep Running?

The other day, someone asked me why I keep running, Modern Philosophers. I immediately realized that was a great philosophical question to tackle on the blog, but I wanted to give it some thought first. The more I pondered the … Continue reading

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Clearing The Fog In My Mind

We all fall into funks at one time or another, Modern Philosophers, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Mine are usually related to one of three things: My inability to support myself as a full time writer. My frustration … Continue reading

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Back To The Grind

I was not happy when the alarm went off this morning, Modern Philosophers. Not only did it mean that my vacation was over and I had to return to work, but it also roused me from a very cool dream. … Continue reading

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Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Happy Labor Day, Modern Philosophers! This holiday, which has traditionally marked the end of summer, is actually the last day of my vacation. I’m not looking forward to rejoining the rat race tomorrow, but I definitely took advantage of this … Continue reading

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