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Opening A Window To Change

As you probably know, Modern Philosophers, one of my core beliefs is that change is bad.  Not only is it bad, but it is also horrifying and murder on the stress levels. The House on the Hill, which has served … Continue reading

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Don’t Set Your Happiness Budget Too Low

I was raised by a very frugal woman to be extremely tight with money, Modern Philosophers. Don’t get me wrong, this philosophy has certainly come in handy at times.  It helped me to put myself through college on only a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Waiting

I am not a patient man, Modern Philosophers. To that point, I am impatiently drumming my fingers on the table while waiting for you to finally finish reading this post so you can like and comment on it. I do … Continue reading

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Registering A Complaint

“You know what really pisses me off?” Aaron asked the moment they sat down on their bench that overlooked the river. “There are so many things, so I have a million guesses,” Holly replied with a mischievous smile on her … Continue reading

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The Second Coming (Of The Contractor)

Twelve years of Catholic schooling taught me the importance of faith, Modern Philosophers. So even after my hopes for new windows at The House on the Hill were dashed by the $43,000 estimate for them to be installed, I did … Continue reading

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The $43,000 Question

What would you do with $43,000, Modern Philosophers? It’s not a trick question, and there are no wrong answers.  I’m just curious how you would spend that amount of money if you had it. I know it’s an odd amount, … Continue reading

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Why Do Good Things Require So Much Work?

It’s never a good thing when my blog’s Board of Directors requests a meeting, Modern Philosophers. I thought that when I sold the blog, I’d take the money and run, but someone stupidly signed a deal agreeing to a partial … Continue reading

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A Man Of Very Few Hats

Have I ever mentioned that I hate change, Modern Philosophers? That was a joke, of course.  I loathe change.  I fear it.  I hide from it in my basement bunker. My stepmother also raised me to be frugal.  She never … Continue reading

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Ravioli II: Long May She Reign

As promised, Modern Philosophers, I have returned with Part 2 of the story about Saturday’s wild adventures. Loyal readers know that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of driving, that I haven’t had good luck with cars, and that I … Continue reading

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Maybe Cupid Cares About Your Budget

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Modern Philosophers.  I belong to a support group called Why Does Cupid Hate Us?, which is for people who have issues about being single.  Not everyone in the group is angry or bitter, but around … Continue reading

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