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If You Dream About Moving To Canada, Is It Really Actually A Nightmare?

I know that some of you are Canadian, Modern Philosophers, so I thought it was finally time to cater to that demographic of my readership. Last night, I had a very vivid dream that I had moved to Canada.  I … Continue reading

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Hey! Who Moved My House???

I had a moment of panic while on my morning run, Modern Philosophers. I thought someone had moved The House on the Hill.  You’ve heard of such things happening, I’m sure, and it’s more likely to happen in Maine, where … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Light It Up

Dear Modern Philosopher, My name is Billy and I’m 10.  My Dad just got a new job, so we had to move last week to a whole new state in another part of the country.  I have a little brother … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Get A Move On Edition

It’s Friday, Modern Philosophers!  We’re one more week removed from Winter and the warm weather has finally arrived.  Life is good.  Shorts are on the way. As always, it’s time to put on our Deep Thinking Togas and head over … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Sentimental Sayonara

Today was my last day of work at the odd smelling, poorly ventilated, and insanely claustrophobic office space I’ve been sentenced to for the past two plus years. Tomorrow, we move to a new building, which should make the work … Continue reading

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