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Mr. Potato Head Wants You To Eat More Stuffing On Thanksgiving

Mr. Potato Head was in Maine today, Modern Philosophers, to film a Holiday Public Service Announcement. “Save a potato, eat more stuffing!” Mr. Potato Head shouted at this Modern Philosopher as we enjoyed a Snapple on the set.  “That’s the … Continue reading

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Mrs. Potato Head Charged With Murder!

Mrs. Potato Head was arrested by Maine authorities earlier today when she tried to sneak across the border into Canada. As first reported on this blog, the female half of the famous couple depicted in happier times on the left, … Continue reading

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Mr. Potato Head Gets Baked; Mrs. Potato Head Sought For Questioning

An office St. Patrick’s Day party turned into a crime scene when an unsuspecting reveler discovered a body at the baked potato bar. “We do a baked potato bar every year to celebrate the Holiday,” a flustered Pamela Shivers explained … Continue reading

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