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They All Scream For Ice Cream…In Hell

“Happy National Ice Cream Day!” The Devil said excitedly as he marched into the living room and handed me a large Blizzard. “You went to Dairy Queen?” I asked with surprise as I enthusiastically took the blue cup from him … Continue reading

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The Modern Philosopher Gets Bamboozled

The Nuns taught us back in Catholic School, Modern Philosophers, that Sunday was a day of rest. I bought into that because I knew never to doubt the Nuns.  If you questioned anything they said, they came after you with … Continue reading

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I Scream, You Scream…Just Shut Up And Have Some Ice Cream

Apparently, today is National Ice Cream Day, Modern Philosophers. And people wonder why Americans are so overweight and out of shape… I usually write my advice column on Sundays,  so I’m going to advise you to not worry about the … Continue reading

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Mainers Get An A+ In Ice Cream

Happy National Ice Cream Day! How would you do on this quiz?

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