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One Hell of a Yankee

“I didn’t miss the ceremony, did I?” The Devil asked anxiously as he rushed into the room carrying a tray of his famous Hellfire Chicken Wings. His impeccably tailored suit was pinstriped today, just like Yankees pinstripes, in honor of … Continue reading

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Dr Lucifer McCaringpants

The sound of a baseball smacking against the leather of a glove is unmistakable and brings a huge smile to my face. The Devil, however, is fairly indifferent to it. “Why exactly are we outside having a catch when it’s … Continue reading

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Forever Married To The Yankees

I was very excited to watch the Yankees game today, Modern Philosophers, for several reason. First, I needed a distraction to keep my mind from wandering again to what this vacation was originally supposed to be. Second, the Yankees called … Continue reading

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The Devil’s First Pitch

“I am so thrilled that it’s Opening Day!” The Devil announced as he marched into the living room with a platter of his infamous Hellfire Wings. He was appropriately dressed in an impeccably tailored pinstripe suit.  The House on the … Continue reading

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Yankees Hire Maine Witch To Assist With ARod’s Rehab

Volcanica Ivy, the Maine Witch who recently made national headlines (yes, my blog is read all over the country, so I can use that term!!!), has just conjured up an even brighter spotlight for herself. The New York Yankees announced … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

It’s Friday, Modern Philosophers, but it’s not just any Friday.  It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl!  So that means that we’re going to put on shoulder pads under our thinking togas before we report to this week’s Think Tank! … Continue reading

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